Clinical Evidence

(Exclusive Piezosurgery site preparation for improved healing and osseointegration)

The science behind PiezoImplants

REX TL Piezoimplants are the first implants designed to be placed exclusively with ultrasonic implant site preparation (UISP).

UISP allows clinicians to create implant osteology of any shape, thus optimizing the use of the residual crestal anatomy. [13] Additionally, UISP promotes faster osseointegration process increasing peri-implant bone density as shown in literature. [27-30]

Radiographic results

Over the past decade, building on the unique features of UISP, we worked on identifying the implant design and shapes characterized by the best performance. Our research culminated in a pilot clinical study that has shown that REX TL PiezoImplants’ unique shape allows clinicians to treat narrow ridges in a single stage surgery, reliably and with success rates comparable to those implants placed in ample native bone. [6]



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